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For your dental practice to succeed, you have to surround yourself with the right people.

At SMART Practices, we know your team is your number one asset, and being able to recruit the best talent for each role is the essential first step in creating an effective workforce. We will guide you in identifying precisely which skills your practice needs, and set out a detailed interview process to ensure the ideal candidate is brought on-board.

With your personnel in place, SMART Practices works with you to help keep staff happy and motivated, making sure every one of your colleagues feels valued.

Team members who know their efforts are appreciated and recognise that the practice is invested in their continued professional development will not only give you their optimal performance, but will become ambassadors for your business.

To run a successful and efficient practice, every member of staff has to believe in your vision and share your ideals. Establishing a sense of common purpose from the outset makes the journey easier, quicker and more productive.

Creating that cohesive workforce may mean identifying and challenging those deemed ‘brand terrorists’, staff who actively work against your core values. Just one such employee can sap the energy of the entire team, damage your practice’s reputation and stall progress.

By putting in place systems related to staff accountability and performance rewards, we help to ensure you are able to retain your most effective people as well as going on to recruit the very best.

The Right People

For any dental practice to thrive it is crucial the four key types of personnel are all able to work together, to ensure the business continues to meet its targets.

1. Owners Owners are responsible for setting the overall strategy for the practice: the goals to aim for and the plans for reaching them. The owner sets down precisely what the brand values are and leads the team in upholding them.

Even with the best staff and clinicians, a business lacking in strong leadership cannot flourish. While it may not be a role that comes naturally, or comfortably to you, effective leadership abilities can be learned and are vital in order for you to communicate your vision for the future of the practice.

We will work with you to develop a clear focus on exactly what you want to achieve, decide on the type of leadership model you want to adopt and help you cultivate your skills.

2. Management Management are charged with ensuring the owner’s strategy is implemented by staff members, while supporting the efficient running of the practice.

By establishing a clear brand vision and a well-defined set of Standard Operating Procedures, we are able to support the practice management team in their responsibilities, providing guidelines for everything from recruitment and training, sustaining a positive and effective workforce, through to financial administration, preparing end of year accounts and maintaining an effective banking system.

With several of our clients, the practice manager has taken on the overall duties of leadership, and we are able to provide advice and guidance in helping them develop into the role.

3. Support Staff Your practice’s team of receptionists and dental nurses are generally the first point of contact for patients and as such, carry a burden of responsibility, not only for providing the highest level of service possible but also for upholding the professional reputation of the practice as a whole.

In addition to performing their primary duties, the attitude of your support staff is critical. For receptionists, projecting a warm, helpful demeanour makes patients feel welcome and well looked after, and for nurses, remaining empathic and supportive during treatments inspires confidence and can help to calm any anxieties.

By making sure every member of your staff completely understands and identifies with the overall values of the practice, we are able to provide them with the tools to promote your brand effectively; everything from how they interact with patients to how they wear their uniform should be communicating your message and working in the best interests of the business.

4. Clinicians Your dentists and hygienists, the team members who actually provide the services, are ultimately the staff who bring in revenue for the practice.

Therefore, engaging and retaining the very best dental professionals is central to your continued success. Working with SMARTPractices, we help you during the recruitment phase to clearly identify the skills necessary for an individual to join your team, ensuring the interview process is as comprehensive and efficient as possible in order to select the ideal candidate.

With an effective clinical team in place, we assist in their continuing professional development, helping your staff stay up-to-date with the ever-evolving advances in treatments and services. By focussing on improving the abilities and knowledge base of your team, you are not only able to provide the greatest level of patient care but also demonstrate to your best dental staff that you are backing their professional career

We use our years of dental business consulting experience to get the most out of each of these four fundamental yet distinct groups. We ensure every member of your team is absolutely sure of their responsibilities within the practice as a whole and help them to reach greater levels of achievement.

By concentrating on developing staff proficiencies, improving communication training, introducing new marketing strategies and digital systems, and implementing operational changes, we have been able to increase client revenues by up to 200%.

To make that transformation happen, the practice has to have a strong leadership, along with a core of highly trained and motivated clinicians. With SMART Practices, we can help you make that a reality.

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