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Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Your Standard Operating Procedures are your practice’s rulebook; a set of guidelines that cover how absolutely everything that happens within your business should be done.

A critical element to a successful practice, having a system of clear-cut procedures all working together creates a uniquely excellent and memorable experience for every patient.

We often find staff performing their duties in whatever way they think is best or how they were taught in a long ago training session. Setting out SOPs ensures that every one of the numerous tasks that goes into the daily running of your practice is performed consistently by all team members, freeing you up to think more creatively about how you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors and provide a better service.

SMART Practices helps you to draw up a system of SOPs, encompassing everything that goes into a thriving practice; customer service, back office operations and clinical support procedures, which allow your entire staff more time to focus on your patients.

Management Reporting

Understanding the exact level of revenue coming into the business each month is vital for planning your future growth. Have you set financial targets and are they realistic? Do you know what each of your clinicians is grossing and how they are achieving it?

We work with you to set up systems that collect and precisely analyse economic and operational data, using that information to make well-informed decisions on any strategic or operational changes that need to be made in order to take your business forward.

Financial Planning and Bookkeeping

Once you have a thorough understanding of which areas of the practice are generating the most profits, and are able to gather the information each month with a high degree of accuracy, you are then in a strong position to be able to calculate not only your internal resources, but also any external investment that may be necessary to give you the results you are looking for.

By putting in place an easy-to-use, reliable system, integrated with your current procedures, we can ensure all staff and suppliers are paid in the most efficient way possible as well as keeping exact records for accounting purposes.

We will also help you to generate a comprehensive financial plan to make sure any additional effort and investment will deliver the commercial return you expect.

That plan may involve continuing the development of your current treatments, supporting your business as it grows organically or buying additional practices—whatever your definition of success is.

Depending on where you are on your own personal journey, it may be case of helping you prepare your practice for sale and enjoying the results of all your hard work.

Whatever stage you are at, we can help.


An ever increasing compliance burden is something all dental practices are having to face. Spending valuable time dealing with paperwork rather than treating patients not only lessens the service you are able to deliver, it erodes the profitability of the practice as a whole.

While we can’t make it go away, at SMART Practices we provide you with all the help you need to effectively manage your compliance burden, ensuring all regulatory standards are achieved and they contribute to the high level of healthcare you aspire to.

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