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SMART Objectives

Building a successful dental practice is a journey and having a set of clearly defined goals will give you the quickest route to your destination.

If you have been frustrated by your lack of progress or are feeling overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the task ahead, breaking your main ambitions down into a series of SMART objectives will give you the motivation to push through the mental roadblocks that have been holding you back.

We’ll work with you to generate a focused plan made up of attainable and achievable steps, and put in place a set of well-proven systems and procedures to help you complete them.

With our years of experience as dental practice consultants and track record of implementing SMART objectives, we will inspire both you and your team, clarify your ideas and make the most productive use of your time and resources.

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What is a smart Objective?

For any dental practice to live up to its potential, it has to have a clear plan of action—a way to get from where it is now to where it wants to be. At SMART Practices, we use the SMART objective framework to create bespoke plans, tailor-made to each individual.

Specific: Before any goal can be achieved, it has to be absolutely clear and precise. You have to know exactly what needs to be done, why it’s important to the practice and who is involved. The clearer the focus on the specific goal, the easier it is to complete.

Measurable: What gets measured gets done. Keeping careful track of your progress and setting challenging but manageable deadlines has the effect of motivating both you and your practice team and driving the business on to new heights.

Assignable: As a dental practice owner, it can sometimes be hard to let go of the reins, to delegate tasks to other members of your team and free yourself up to concentrate on other issues. But assigning responsibilities often leads to greater efficiencies and a new level of motivation among your staff.

Realistic: Impossible goals can kill enthusiasm for a project before it even begins. We carefully judge all the resources available to you, factor in the timescale and prepare a plan that is realistic and achievable.

Time Related: Setting a strict deadline acts as the ultimate incentive and helps you prioritise your main objective, preventing you from losing focus amidst the everyday distractions. Each step of the action plan should have its own deadline, letting you celebrate the success of each milestone

Smart Appearance
Smart Thinking

To create an exceptional, profitable dental practice, we focus on the other definitions of ‘smart’ too.

The physical appearance of your business premises is vital to your commercial success. Patients arrive with the expectation of a meticulously clean, hygienic environment—but that doesn’t mean the atmosphere has to be cold and unwelcoming. Designing a stylish, inviting and reassuring ambience helps put patients at their ease as well as acting as a continuation of the practice’s overall branding.

And we believe your success is directly linked to the choices you make. Sometimes you will be presented with difficult decisions, so we also work to improve your decision-making skills, to help you make quicker, more intelligent assessments—to think smarter.


Using the SMART objective framework, we help drive our clients forward, providing the stimulus that allows them to achieve their goals.


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