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SMART Marketing

The best clinicians, premises and procedures in the world will not do you any good if no one knows about them.

As dental business consultants, one of our most important jobs is making sure your practice gets noticed, and people respond to you in a positive way.

Everything you do, say or display tells your customers something. It’s up to you to decide what you want that to be.

Your Brand Proposition

Marketing is much more than just logos, advertising and business cards. At its core is your brand.

Your brand is what you stand for, what you offer to your patients, how you deliver your services and how you set yourself apart from your competitors.

Understanding your proposition and knowing exactly where you want to position your practice within your target market is the crucial first step in a successful marketing campaign.

We spend a lot of time with you identifying your own specific brand and how we can leverage your unique attributes to attract and retain more patients.

Once we have that solid foundation and have clarified exactly what makes your practice distinct, we make sure that the entire team—the principal, dentists, nurses, receptionists—understands exactly what is expected of them in order to communicate your values to your patients.

Your Marketing Channels

With your brand proposition thoroughly established and implemented office-wide, you are then free to concentrate on the three most effective avenues for attracting new patients into the practice.

1. Referral No matter how slick your marketing campaign, you can never match the authenticity of a recommendation from a previously satisfied customer. We find that referrals account for more than half of the new patients that come through our clients’ doors.

But what is the best way to secure an endorsement from your current patients? While asking for referrals should be second nature to your team, few practices do it consistently, missing out on the best, and most cost-effective, source of new business.

We ensure every member of your practice understands the importance of asking for referrals and put procedures in place to make sure it becomes part of the office routine.

Second only to a word of mouth testimonial, integrating promotional videos of patients giving positive reviews into your website and across your content marketing is a powerful strategy for communicating with potential new patients. Our video packages are a great way to further develop your brand as well as enhancing your Search Engine Optimisation.

2. Online Marketing After referrals, online marketing has the highest return on investment across your entire promotional strategy. As well as the commercial benefits, it also gives us the most information on exactly which channels are working for you and which need more attention, with highly detailed analytics providing measurable data.

Everything from your website—your online shop window—to your social media presence and email campaigns has to be consistent with and reinforce your brand proposition, to give an overall harmony to your content and avoid confusing your target markets.

Rather than trying to tackle this often complicated area yourself, we recommend and will advise you on bringing in digital marketing consultants. We help you select and oversee experts in all fields, from web design, to SEO, paid advertising and social media managers.

3. Walk-by It’s easy to overlook the business premises you’ve become so familiar with. We will work with you to see them for the first time, as a new prospective patient sees them.

Every element, from the signage above the door to the reception desk, waiting area and treatment rooms needs to be working together to advertise your brand and create a harmonious atmosphere, while helping your practice stand out from the crowd.

4. Offline Marketing So often disregarded due to perceived lack of affordability, offline promotions can yield exceptional results when handled expertly. More discipline is required by your team to ensure all results are recorded from your offline marketing efforts, but taking the initiative with a bold campaign of radio, newspaper or leaflet advertising can pay off superbly.

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