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The definition of success is different for every practice and every principal we work with. As dental business consultants, our first contact with you is spent evaluating exactly where you see yourself and your business in the future—where you want to be in 1 year, 2 years and 5 years from now.

When we know what we are working towards, the way forward becomes a lot clearer. Together, we can then put in place well-proven frameworks and procedures, use our SMART objectives and start making strides in the right direction.

The plan we put together concentrates on developing and improving the three essential ingredients in any successful practice:

By setting challenging but achievable goals every step of the way in each area, we can overcome the roadblocks that have been holding you back.


In everything we do, we try to keep things as simple, logical and actionable as we can. For that, we have to know your practice inside out. By gathering as much information as possible, we are able to identify how well your business is performing, where the shortfalls are and what needs to happen to take your practice in a new direction.

With methodologies developed and used successfully around the world with both private and public organisations, this initial fact finding exercise is vital for us and also extremely beneficial to principals— helping you gain a thorough understanding of your current position and giving you the chance to see your business in a different way.

However, it is not just a one-off exercise. We collect data continuously to track and manage your growth.

We obviously measure your financial progress, taking account of revenues and profits, but we also analyse and adjust other important factors:

Operational Efficiency How effective are your current systems? How can we improve their effectiveness?

Professional Development Are team members advancing their knowledge base? Are they satisfied with their own progress?

Customer Satisfaction Do patients feel happy with the service you provide? Are you leveraging that feedback through your marketing?

The analytics we gather gives us complete control over every aspect of your development.

Make It Happen

With building a highly successful dental practice, as with everything in life, the first move is the most difficult. It requires a lot of energy to take the brakes off and gain some momentum.

That initial big step might be meeting with your finance providers to arrange funding for business improvements. By working with SMART Practices, we can help you prepare a comprehensive plan for the project, organise accounts and financial forecasts and deliver a proposal that details each milestone step-by-step.

Once the first positive results of all that effort come in, each subsequent step becomes easier and progress snowballs.

Working with SMART Practices will help you achieve your SMART objectives.

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