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It's All About You

To live up to your absolute potential, you have to be able to embrace change. If you carry on doing things the way you always have, you will keep achieving the same results.

At SMART Practices, we know change is not easy. Setting off down unexplored paths, away from the relative safety of your comfort zone, can be a daunting and lonely prospect.

But that’s the problem: your comfort zone is no longer a safe place to be. Modern, 21st century dental practices have to be adaptable; they have to be able to move quickly and be open to adopting new ideas in treatments, management styles and marketing.

Why Do I Need a Consultant?

Just as you would have no problem referring a treatment case to a specialist, engaging the services of a business consultant allows you to work with an expert trained to identify and close the gaps in your business knowledge, apply proven, workable strategies and drive your practice forward with energy and focus.

But the most important outcome of working with a consultant is a fresh mind-set.

Implementing radical changes to your business takes confidence. By formulating a fully-detailed plan that encompasses your vision for the future of your practice, securing an effective marketing strategy, motivating your team and applying sound financial management, we give you that confidence to make the changes you need.

We work with businesses large and small, providing you with the tools that will take your practice on to the next level, challenging your existing ideas, holding you accountable for the changes you need to make and providing the energy to overcome the inertia that is holding you back.

Along every step of your journey, we provide support, encouragement and expertise, helping you achieve the best results possible.

Where Are You on the Growth Curve?

While every business is unique, each one will go through a number of distinct phases on its way to success. Some of these stages are easy to navigate, others can make you feel as if you’ve hit a brick wall, leaving you stressed, frustrated and disillusioned.

Understanding exactly where you are on the growth curve and recognising the emotions that business owners are subject to at each phase, gives you the power to take action and move forward, helping you break through any barriers that stand in your way.

Growth Curve Caveat

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